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About Me.

With 15 years of dedicated experience in the footwear industry, including 14 vibrant years in the heart of New York City, I've immersed myself in the art and business of footwear design. I've had a passion for the creative process since I could hold a pencil, and that passion has grown exponentially over the years. Collaborating with others to build brands that connect deeply with consumers on a personal level is what truly drives me. I thrive in the success and growth of those around me, constantly pushing both myself and my colleagues to discover new and innovative ways to create exciting business opportunities. With an entrepreneurial spirit, I'm excited to see where my career will take me.



Design Director

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Senior Footwear Designer

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Footwear Designer


Footwear Designer


Design Apprentice

My journey at Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn has been a creative whirlwind that formed the foundation to lead the overall creative process. From initial sketches to final samples, I led the process in addition to material development and technical aspects. Utilizing my extensive technical skills, I meticulously corrected all patterns on my own foot, doubling as a fit technician. This dual role provided a hands-on and precise approach to ensuring the quality of our products. Furthermore, I spearheaded a rebranding initiative by creating and executing a comprehensive brand guide to be used by all departments, ensuring a unified and cohesive brand identity. These responsibilities allowed me to reinforce the importance of meticulous design paired with consistent branding across all channels, from web design to social media, to build a strong connection with our consumer and increase revenue.

My journey at BCBG Generation was a collaborative adventure. Leading a team through design and product development highlighted my leadership and teamwork skills. Developing materials and color palettes and designing collections based on market trends emphasized brand identity and creative prowess. Correcting patterns, constructions, and hardware technically honed my precision. Overseas travel for line development, as well as domestic travel for major client presentations, broadened my horizons and showcased the global dimension of my experience

My journey with Banana Republic was marked by a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. Designing, developing, and executing seasonal collections sharpened my design skills and honed my ability to meet deadlines. Managing a team in daily activities taught me the art of leadership and teamwork. Developing seasonal materials and color palettes contributed to my understanding of brand identity. Both domestic and overseas travel broadened my creative horizons and provided me with valuable opportunities to establish connections with development teams and clients, enriching my overall experience.

DKNY was a creative playground where I explored inspiration and innovation. Providing seasonal inspiration for DKNY and DKNY Active taught me the art of staying ahead of market trends. Skecthing and finalizing designs, incorporating market research and price-sensitive guidelines, showcased my ability to merge creativity with market demands. Developing new and exciting constructions, creating tech packs, and revising blueprints emphasized my knack for innovation and precision. Collaborations with brands like Opening Ceremony and Bensimon added a dynamic twist to my experience. Designing promotional books used by the sales team reinforced the importance of effective communication and presentation. 

During my time at Reebok, I had the privilege of starting my journey in the world of athletic footwear design, laying a solid foundation of technical skills that have proven invaluable throughout my career. It was more than just a job; it was a gateway to understanding company culture and the art of brand building. During my time, I had the unique opportunity to witness the inner workings of a successful brand's pivot, as Reebok underwent a rebranding process to remain relevant to consumers.I made it a point to build strong relationships and absorb knowledge from every corner, learning from as many people as I could, and this invaluable experience has shaped my approach to collaboration and innovation in the industry.



Industrial Design

My journey at the College for Creative Studies was a transformative journey. I initially embarked on a path in automotive design, driven by my life-long obsession with cars. As I delved deeper, my passion led me to the world of industrial design. This shift not only equipped me with a substantial technical background but also instilled in me an intense  and efficient work ethic that continues to drive my career today. Among my peers, I stood out as one of just two women in my grade, an experience that fueled my determination to excel. I took pride in graduating among the top of my class, a testament to my unwavering commitment and dedication to success.

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