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the process

Contact Erin! Provide an explanation of the space and ideas for the mural you would like to explore. Pictures of the space are always helpful!



Erin will make an appointment to come and check out the space and discuss how to bring your vision to life

Erin will create 1-3 mock ups, using fast sketches or gesture paintings and photoshop them in the space for you to pick your favorite. Quotes can be provided with each option along with timeline



Schedule a date for Erin to come and complete the mural

Beautiful realist wall mural of a flower bouquet. Mural artist

This is Erin's first wall mural! Taking inspiration from baroque style chiaroscuro and a faded palette, she created this composition including some of her favorite flowers, particularly the sunflower and the poppy.  


cherry blossoms

Inspired by her time spent in China, Erin has brought different techniques to this side of the world. Through study and practice she has brought the classic Chinese cherry blossom artwork to Brooklyn. 

Stunning cherry blossom wall mural by mural artist Erin Lavigne. Hand painted wall paper


A modern black and white take on nature. Blending perfectly with the style of this building and creating depth to an otherwise plain wall. 

Custom wall mural. Hand painted wall paper. original artwork. mural artist Erin Lavigne


Inspired by ornate wallpaper. These pedals create contrast and movement throughout a space, playing with design and architecture. 

Hand painted wall paper. Mural artist Erin Lavigne. Custom beautilful wall mural


Erin is always a fan of adding some green into a space. If you have a space that is not plant friendly, this is a great way to bring in some life without worrying about keeping plants alive!

Hand painted wall paper. Custom mural. Foliage mural. Hanging vines wall mural

exposed brick

A perfect way to add a little character to a space! Being in love with exposed brick and original details, Erin painted this brick to add some character back into a remodeled brownstone

Custom wall mural art. Painting. Mural artist Erin Lavigne


Turning eyesores into works of art! 


This mural was done in a kitchen in Brazil. Inspired by the local tropical foliage, Erin transformed this space from a faux brick wallpaper to beautiful tropical space.

Talented mural artist. New artist. Emerging artists. Nature wall mural. Oversized leaves.
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