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As a mural artist, Erin Lavigne's mission is to use her artistic talents to bring beauty and positivity to the world. Her vision is to decorate public and private spaces with vibrant, eye-catching murals that inspire joy, promote social awareness, and bring people together.



Erin is passionate about using her art to make a positive impact in the world. She believes that every person deserves access to beautiful and inspiring spaces, and she is committed to using her talents to help make this vision a reality.



Erin uses acrylic paints for quick  form and composition studies. She also uses this medium to map out mural concepts and perfect details for clients. 



A combination of oil and resin, these unique pieces take a minimum of 4 weeks to complete.This collection was originally inspired by a dramatic sunset captured through photo while Erin was traveling. Her goal was to create seamless gradients of colors taken from nature finished with a highly reflective surface.  



Exploring portraiture is a new venture for Erin. Her inspiration comes from moments that capture the brilliant combination of subject matter and cinematography. Whether it's iconic musical performances or scenes from her favorite shows, she feels the need to recreate moments that leave such a deep impact. 

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